O Street Studio, established in 2012, is a recording studio equipped with state of the art equipment bringing big sound to a small town. We welcome any style of music but due to a recent relocation and limited recording room we can only support vocal recordings. The staff at O STREET is young, talented, willing, and excited to grow with our clients. WE LOVE GOOD MUSIC and appreciate all those that share our PASSION.


Recording Rates:

Per hour (with engineer): $50.00
Per 5 hour block (with engineer): $240.00
Per day (with engineer): $475.00
Per 5 day week (with engineer): $2,000.00

Book Now – 540.751.8830

Mastering Rates:

Projects recorded at O St. - $30.00
Projects recorded outside of O St. - $40.00

Mixing Rates:

Projects recorded at O Street can be mixed at the standard hourly rate or the client can choose to pay the flat mix fee. Projects recorded outside of O Street are mixed at the flat rate.

Projects recorded at O Street Studio: $50.00 Per Hour

Projects NOT recorded at O Street Studio: $60.00 Per Hour


Apple 27″ iMac Quad-Core
Interface – Universal Audio Apollo Quad- High-Resolution Audio Interface with Real time UAD Processing
DAW Software – Pro Tools 10, Reason 6.5, FL Studio 10
Microphones – AKG C 414 XLS,  Shure SM-57s, Shure SM-58s
Headphones – Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and AKG
Monitors – Yamaha HS-8′s


  • Day and weekly rates total 9 hours per day (one hour meal break included).
  • 5 hour blocks of time can be broken down into multiple sessions but must be purchased up-front prior to recording.
  • Set-up time, prior to recording, is included in hourly rate so we recommend arriving around 10 minutes before your session to take a full advantage of the allotted time. We DO NOT comp missed time for late arrivals.
  • If you miss a scheduled recording session or do not notify us to confirm a cancellation at least 48 hours prior to your session YOU WILL be billed $50.00.
  • To book studio without engineer you are required a brief orientation and approval.