The bottom of the music business is similar to a dark high school hallway. Nobody is around to help, the floor is slick and every door is locked. You’re given a combination to a small confined space (locker) that doesn’t come with instructions.  The kid next to you is probably better looking and most likely makes better grades (or music). Remember, know your competition and be realistic.  If you can’t swing a golf club, don’t try out for the golf team.  Maybe you’re better at basketball? In other words, maybe you should stop rapping and start managing rappers. Or stop singing and start playing the trumpet? I don’t know. But history has shown that most of you will leave school tomorrow (or fifteen years down the road) with a bunch of music that you feel never got the exposure it deserved. But honestly, most likely your music got all the attention it ever needed to become successful. Look, we can’t be mad at our teachers (fans) for giving us a “D” when we think we deserve an “A”. Naturally, we will always grade our own work higher than others. But unfortunately, in this business our teachers (fans) will decide our grade. Lower grades get LESS exposure! When was the last time you boasted about making an “D” on a midterm? Exactly. Don’t expect your fans to boast about some mid-grade music.  If you make grade A+ music, your sounds will make it to the Ivy League.

Granted, there will always be that one kid that failed math (mediocre musician) but managed to find his/her way to millions of YouTube views.  This will continue to happen and there’s nothing we can do to stop the occasional Miley Cyrus from popping up/it at the VMA’s. We can’t be mad about a rapper teaching us how to Dougie.  We have to embrace the business as it is and accept all the changes that are taking place. If you make good music, you will be ok. Lookout for the bully on the back of the bus and if you want to see change…create it.

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